The Funeral Of Henry Ford

Here’s something you don’t see every day… The funeral of Henry Ford in a motion picture format. Most of you fellas know the story of Henry’s death. Put simply and frankly, he died of old age… gracefully. However, many don’t know the circumstances. The night before Henry died, there were torrential downfalls in the Michigan area. The River Rouge overflowed which, in turn, flooded the local power station. Henry’s power went out in his home and he and his wife went to sleep by candle light.

The next morning, Mrs. Ford woke up and found that Henry had died in the night – in the same room that he was born in 83 years earlier.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Ford archives had this video mislabeled. It’s actually the funeral of Clara Ford – Henry’s wife. She died in September, 1950 of natural causes in the Henry Ford Hospital.

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