The Last Days of Henry Ford


Henry Dominguez is back with another book. This one, obviously, is on the last days of Henry Ford and promises to be a jewel. Henry was nice enough to send over some excerpts and a few images to wet your pallet. Check it out:

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The Henry Ford Pocket Watch

A little off topic, but I’m a watch guy… Always have been… Most car guys that aren’t watch guys, like those cheap Chinese made watches that you see advertised in the back of car magazines and what not. The ads are slick, the mechanical watches are not.

Anyway, let me introduce your to Shinola – an AMERICAN watch company. How about that?

And they just released the Henry Ford pocket watch… It’s pretty cool.

Check it out.

Ignore the “Chev”

Some bloke sent me the above video just the other day… And it reminded me of why I love Australians. Ignore the “Chev.”

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The Utility Bed

You know what this place needs? A thread dedicated to utility beds… So, post what ya got!

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1930 Model A Ford Cabriolet Rural Mail Delivery

So this thing popped up on eBay recently. It was commissioned to be built in 1930 for a man looking to deliver rural mail while braving the winters of Montana. Really, really incredible.

Check out the listing with a full recount of the car’s history here.

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